Jag läser och förstår det intressanta : Tillgänglig, förståelig och intressant information för personer med lindrig till måttlig utvecklingsstörning. Information på FUB:s webbplats, som skrift i samspråk med bild.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik


Most of the information online is difficult for people with cognitive disabilities to understand and assimilate. In this project I have had the expectation that this is possible to change. In cooperation with FUB, a Swedish organization working for people with cognitive disabilities, I have studied how to adapt content, pictures and writing to persons with the levels of mild to moderate cognitive disabilities. I have also taken the perspective “design for all”, which means that you adapt a design for the weakest persons in the society to make it work for everyone.

The purpose of my work is to study how to create a web text where content, writing and pictures are incorporated.

To examine how to do this I have conducted qualitative interviews in which I have let the informants look at and read four different texts. I have participated in a reference group where the content of the website has been discussed. I have also analyzed two of the texts that I used in the qualitative interviews.

The result is based on the chosen methods and on the theory of interest for my work. My study has resulted in a manual about how to create a web text where content, writing, pictures and form, are adapted to people with cognitive disabilities. I have also made anexample of this kind of text.

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