Gjenklang- reisen fra avskjed mot hjemkomst

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Högskolan för scen och musik

Sammanfattning: The running theme through my project is migration or travel. I investigate how own folk music compositions, poems and arrangements of Nordic ballads can convey this topic. Traditional ballads, poems and history of Norwegian and Swedish emigration to America in the 19th Century are used as inspiration for my compositions and arrangements. This written work envestigates the music and own live performance of it. The music will after the written work be tied together with various dissemination expressions, first of all impersonation, in a final stage performance. The aim here is to connect folk music and theatre.My immersement is in myself as a solo artist. Compositions are directed towards singing and playing simultaneously, followed up by the performance of this music. Composition techniques for singing and playing are investigated through compositions and arrangements. My aim is for the music to find a place within the framework of Norwegian and Swedish folk music. Estetic hallmarks in Nordic fiddle music are used in the compositions. Partly new playing techniques are developed for five stringed fiddle, Hardanger fiddle and Kravik-lyre to accompany vocals, and vice versa. In three concerts I perform this new music live.The music and my dissemination are analysed based on videos from each concert. What kind of qualities and limitations does each of these instruments have? What pre-knowledge is essential when composing for these instruments to accompany vocals? What is required in practice and whilst performing these instrument simultaneously with singing? What kind of sound quality, technique and dissemination does work?

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