Inledande utvärdering av epoxibaserad livstidsförlängning av fjärrvärmerör : Relining av kolstål med en polyamidhärdande lösningsmedelsfri epoxi

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för kemi - Ångström

Sammanfattning: Degradation of steel pipes in district heating systems is often a result of corrosion processes. To maintain the power in the systems the pipes gets replaced when they have been worn-out, resulting in high cost and long service time due to excavation. A more affordable and time- effective method is known to be relining which implies renovation and facing of the already existing pipes. This thesis covers an initial review of the applicability of a polyamide curing solvent-free epoxy based relining for lifetime extension of corroded pipes in Stockholm Exergi's pipeline network. The research study is comprised of a literature search focusing on the permeability properties of epoxy coatings, an experimental part where the actual coating was tested for defined parameters similar to the prevailing ones in the system of Stockholm Exergi and finally an evaluation of the usability of the coating. Critical parameters such as the adhesion between the coating and the steel substrate, the sorption of water within the coating and the emit of Bisphenol A were carefully investigated during the analysis. Analysis methods such as pull of test, TGA, DSC and GC-MS were utilized in order to investigate the critical parameters. The adhesion between the coating and the substrate was found to be inadequate for the purpose, the TGA and DSC analysis showed a time-dependent increasing water sorption when exposure to 120 °C. At a higher temperature of 190 °C the sorption decreased. It was concluded that the coating cured at higher exposure temperatures which implied higher degree of conversion and thus a more brittle epoxy matrix. Additionally, the hydrophobicity decreased during 28 days of exposure, at both 120 °C and 190 °C, which can be supposed to affect the flow in the pipeline system during service. It can be stated that a spray coating consisting a polyamide curing solvent-free epoxy will not answer to a total solution for a lifetime extension for the pipes in Stockholm Exergi's pipeline network. An extended investigation regarding the exterior isolation of the pipes is suggested in order to circumvent the most critical breakdowns due to corrosion.

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