Bygg- och rivningsavfall i cirkulär ekonomi genom Dala återbyggdepå : Utmaningar och möjligheter till ökat återbruk av byggmaterial

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Miljövetenskap

Sammanfattning: Apart from the mining sector, the construction and demolition sector is the mainsource of waste and nationally the construction industry accounts for a third of thecountry's total waste generation. Every year, around 10 million tonnes of waste aregenerated as a result of construction and demolition measures in Sweden, of whichonly about ten tonnes are reused. Efforts should be made to move from today's linear material handling to circular systems where waste generation is prevented andproduced products are reused. This in order reduce the significant environmentalimpact the construction sector gives rise to in today's "take-make-dispose society". With the help of twenty construction and demolition companies, three recyclingcenters and Dala Återbyggdepå, this study aims to investigate the obstacles and opportunities that exist to achieve an increased degree of reuse of building materialsand products on a local scale in Dalarna. Through interviews, study visits and questionnaires, it was investigated why the degree of reuse today is so low and what thevarious actors require for increased work with reuse. The study shows that there is a great environmental benefit in reusing buildingmaterials and products compared to buying new. Despite this, 80% of the construction companies answer that only 0–10% of the waste that is generated will bereused. The main obstacles to increased reuse turn out to be of an economic nature,as reuse work is costly from a business economic point of view. Furthermore, theresults show a lack of competence regarding the environmental benefits of reuse,something the recycling centers suggest would increase the construction companies'incentives for intensified work with reuse. An additional reason for the low commitment that exists regarding the reuse issue is that the construction and demolitioncompanies feel uncertain about the customers' attitude towards reuse. The main opportunities for increased reuse of building materials turn out to be financial contributions to construction and demolition companies, improved marketing of Dala återbyggdepå, reuse adapted logistics at the recycling centers and information about the benefits of reuse. In order to obtain an increased degree ofreuse for building materials, measures are therefore required at several levels, notjust changes in the construction and demolition companies' material handling. Society should create conditions for the reuse of building materials so that it becomeseconomically profitable for construction and demolition companies to work onwaste prevention and in a circular manner. Furthermore, construction and demolition companies as well as its customers should be informed about the environmentalsavings that reuse gives rise to in order to motivate reuse work. 

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