Framtagande av riktlinjer för arbetsplatsbesök enligt nya Plan- och bygglagen

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för geovetenskaper

Författare: Andreas Lind; [2011]

Nyckelord: PBL 2010:900 arbetsplatsbesök;


A new site- and construction-law came into effect in May 2011. The new law, PBL

2010:900 implies several different changes of the law. These changes concern both

constructors, people working in municipality and county councils and other people

that in some way are related to the building sector. Except from the change in order

of the chapters and the renewed and modernized language, the law has now been

extended with a few new phases.

According to the new law a certificate has to be issued to start and finish the

construction; the construction consulting has changed name into technical consulting

and the protocol for the controls has to show what the control is being compared to.

This diploma work concerns control visits on construction sites as related to the new

law. The reason why visits on construction sites are now implemented in the law is

because the government saw a lack of trustworthiness in the old law. This because

there was no kind of control that what was once approved to be built actually was

being built, and nothing else. There was neither any controls to see if the building

was actually following applicable rules and regulations.

Because of this, the municipalities are now in need of education to deal with these

changes in the law, especially when it comes to visits on construction sites. Even

though the authority Boverket is offering a lot of information and education and

even though there are several accredited companies that handle the education in the

new law there is room for a deepening investigation in the matters of the visits.

The municipality of Tierp had a request for guidelines on how to handle the visits.

Therefore, in this thesis, guidelines for these matters of site visits have been


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