Cynicism towards Political Marketing and Branding: The Cause of Political Apathy among Young People

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Title: Cynicism towards Political Marketing and Branding: The Cause of Political Apathy among Young People Date of Seminar: 5th June, 2019 Course: BUS N39. Degree Project in Global Marketing Authors: Shah Alam Riaz Tarar & Anupong Tumjanda Supervisor: Jon Bertilsson Keywords: Marketing and branding, marketing and branding in politics, cynicism, political apathy, young people Thesis Purpose: This study investigates the reason for political apathy among the youth despite the growth of marketing and branding in politics. Methodology: The research has employed a qualitative approach, specifically, in-depth interviews to investigate the phenomenon. Theoretical perspective: The thesis was contextualised in two literature streams, one in which the applicability of marketing and branding was praised, and another in which it was heavily questioned. In order to view the empirical material in a novel light, the concept of consumer cynicism was brought in to explain phenomena of political apathy in relation to political marketing and branding. Empirical data: The empirical data revealed the reasons for the development of cynical attitudes and behaviours regarding political marketing and branding. Moreover, it highlighted the different behaviours engaged in and attitudes formed due to cynicism in political marketing and branding. Conclusions: The research concluded that cynicism towards marketing and branding was indeed playing a role in political apathy among young people due to manipulative intent, the projection of false promises, the attacking of other opponents, the preference for promotion over policy and the creation of a celebrity persona. Because of this, young people were engaging in cynical behaviours and attitudes related to withdrawal, retribution, precaution, disapprovement and subversive cynicism.

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