Grönt perspektiv på planering! : ortsanalys med grönt perspektiv, exemplet Örkelljunga

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från SLU/Landscape Architecture (until 121231)

Sammanfattning: Often, the green is handled as an opposite to the built, but if it could be seen as a part of the built and the society, the planning will be easier to handle. The thesis work wants to create a method that treats villages in an analytic way in a context; with green, blur, grey and all the other colors that together are the completeness.This master's thesis is made to be used as foundation in detail plannng in the municipality of Örkelljunga. Target audience is on one hand those who work with planning and green matters in Örkelljunga municipality, but also other planners who work with landscape.Literature in the field of green city planning has been studied and 30 methods for analysis have been valued. The method for analysis that has been used in this work is a merging of ten different methods and has included literature studies, sketches, interviews and work on spot. The ten methods are consciously chosen to together make one comprehensive and true image of the village, as far as it is possible. Angles that are valued are above all how the method is working with green structure, but also for example in which scale the method is applicable.The merging of methods in te "Analysis of villages with a green point of view" is used on Örkelljunga. The analysis of the village is written in order to present the facts that the chosen methods have brought. The facts are presented below the head-lines; geography, topography, history, green structure, water structure, house structure infrastructure, social- and economical structure and conclusion. The result is an analysis of a village with focus at different structures - one by one and as a whole. The aim is to not neglect and marginalize the green as a background to houses and roads, but to highlight the green structures just as important as the others.

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