Direktmarknadsföringens alternativ : en fallstudie för Logosol AB

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Forest Products

Författare: Markus Forsbäck; [2004]

Nyckelord: direktmarknadsföring;

Sammanfattning: Logosol is a company that produce small-scale wood processing products. To be able to expand the business Logosol have decided to increase exports, their target markets are the US, Russia, Germany and Norway. The expansion has mainly been through subsidiaries situated on the abroad markets. The subsidiaries have done poor results and that has influenced the whole company. CEO Bengt-Olov Byström made a decision to sell out the units to the people who worked in the business. At the present time the companies' results have improved. That raised the question for Logosol is how their future export venture will be carried out. Logosols future vision is that with help from today's modern, technology it will be possible to perform the same work from a centralised unit in Härnösand. Therefore will I evaluate if the decreased costs for this type of company structure is possible as an alternative. This will be compared with their traditional alternative of starting subsidiaries abroad. In the project I will use the Logosol Stack Cutter in my marketing activities. It's a mobile device for cutting stacks of sawn wood. 1998 Logosol started to develop the product, and 2003 the product is ready to be marketed. Therefore Logosol want to put in more resources to increase the sales for the Stack Cutter. The project is made as a marketing campaign from Sweden. The campaign consists of several different marketing activities. I evaluate the efficiency of the different activities and compare them with the cost for each one. The experience from the project will be used to develop a method for similar projects at Logosol in the future. Still the market itself doesn't welcome the modern technologies, so to only use Internet supported activities is excluded. The classic approaches of marketing activities are still the most efficient way to enter a new market. That is advertising in trade journals and direct mailing by post. E-mail is a good medium for the next step in a business relation. The future conditions for this type of communication will for certain improve. At the present time information through Internet are associated with uncertainly and the companies will reject most of the information sent to them even if they are independent of the content. In today's society there are no direct obstacles of managing a campaign from abroad. Provided that you are well prepared and have good knowledge about the market the outcome from the abroad campaign should have the same number of sales as if the company is situated in market that you work with. Logosols future vision is feasible and the investment in information technology is a good complement to other marketing activities. To have a head start towards the competitors is always an investment for the future.

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