Livet efter förlossningen : Förlossningsskador ur kvinnors perspektiv

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Röda Korsets Högskola; Röda Korsets Högskola

Sammanfattning: BACKGROUND: Among childbirth injuries the most common described symptoms are urine and faecal incontinence, pain during intercourse and perineal pain after rupture and suture. For those women who seek care for lasting nuisance are the routines for follow-up, diagnoses and treatment of childbirth injuries experience insufficient. AIM: The aim of this study was to illuminate women’s experience after of a childbirth injury and encounter the healthcare.  METHOD: A litterateur review based on six articles with qualitative data.  RESULT: Two categories with five subcategories are presented; To live with a childbirth injury- physical and emotional limitations of everyday life, normalization of injuries after childbirth and Encounter the healthcare- insufficient information and follow-up, encounter from the healthcare.  CONCLUSIONS: Women normalize their difficulties today after childbirth causing them not to seek help. The stigma surrounding the nuisance is also a contributing factor for women to contact the health care. Furthermore they experience to get dismissed by the healthcare professionals and not been taken seriously. Caregivers should inform the women about the concerning nuisance that can occur and give information where to seek help.

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