Kampen om läkemedlet - en diskursanalys av debatten om läkemedelsassisterad behandling vid opiatmissbruk

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Since the first methadone program was introduced in Sweden during the late 60s, it has been a controversial method of treating opiate addiction. The aim of this study was to, by doing a discourse analysis, come to an understanding how the Swedish maintenance program for opiate addiction was constructed and debated in three big Swedish newspapers during the 2000s. More specifically the aim was to read which problems and solutions the debaters linked to opiate addiction, which pro- and counterarguments that was pronounced in the debate and which discourses that emerged within the debate. The empirical data consisted of opinion articles from three Swedish newspapers. The study found that one side of the debate argued that Subutex is a drug which is addictive and can therefore increase and exacerbate the drug problems in Sweden, which naturally calls for psychosocial interventions as a solution for treating opiate addiction. These arguments were believed to come from a political discourse. The study also found that the other side of the debate argued that opiate addiction is a chronic disease with high mortality, which naturally calls for medicine assisted treatment. This side also argued that maintenance treatment is scientifically studied and tested, and should therefore expand as a treatment of opiate addiction. These arguments were believed to come from a medical discourse, a pragmatic discourse and a scientific discourse. The conclusion of the study was that it is hard to say which discourse that is dominant in the debate since the substance abuse care in Sweden contains parts from all the discourses. It is though believed that the substance abuse care goes towards a scientific discourse direction.

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