Stökiga flickor och oväntade kärlekspar : En normkritisk läsning av tre ungdomsromaner

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Lärarutbildningen

Sammanfattning: The study aims to examine how three books written for teenagers and young adults address topics that are generally considered as deviant to social norms in order to conclude if they can contribute to a norm critical pedagogy in school. Norm critical pedagogy is foremost based on gender- and queer theory and tends to discuss how social norms and power structures are constructed and reproduced in different social contexts. To work in a norm critical fashion the teacher must be aware of the present norms and work to make the pupils conscious of them. Thereby the focus is on existing norms, rather on the deviances. To use norm critical pedagogy correct it must be incorporated in all subjects in school. The books that have been analysed in this essay are Syskonkärlek by Katarina von Bredow, Henrietta är min hemlighet by Maja Hjertzell and Tusen gånger starkare by Christina Herrström. This study shows that all books include and discuss subjects that are deviant to social norms, such as: non-conformal gender roles, homosexuality and incest. Tusen gånger starkare and Henrietta är min hemlighet are suitable to teach in upper school and upper secondary school, because they discuss subjects and themes that pupils and students in that age can relate to and they are written in ways that open up to discussions.  However, all books are not suitable to use in a norm critical pedagogy. Syskonkärlek’s theme is the incestuous relationship between a brother and a sister. Incestuous love is not only deviant to social norms, it is also against the law. To teach that book in the purpose to make the pupils aware of norms and start thinking critical about them, can have the opposite effect, though incest is seen as wrong in so many ways.

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