Det är ovant att delta vid organdonation från en avliden donator

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Sammanfattning: Background: Multi-organ procurement surgery is a current topic of interest and a part of alifesaving organ donation process. The theatre nurses play an important role during suchsurgeries, which often take place with short notice. The nurses’ participation and experiencesof this particular situation may contribute to stress and discomfort and have impact on theirwellbeing.Aim: The aim of this review is to illustrate theater nurses’ experiences of organ donationprocurement of a deceased donator.Method: A literature review was chosen to explore the subject. Systematic searches wereperformed in CINHAL, Pub Med and PhsycINFO and resulted in eight included articles afterrelevancy and quality review. The analysis of selected articles are presented in two categoriesand six subcategories.Results: The result of this study shows that theatre nurses experienced anxiety, stress and feltunprepared before their participation. Difficulties in cooperation and lack of support fromorganization and piers were other factors that were experienced to be problematic. Whatfacilitated the negative experiences of stress and negative emotions were different copingstrategies such as support from piers, feeling of being involved, clinical experience and acquiredknowledge. The results are presented in six subcategories based on the following questions;“What is experienced as difficulties or facilities with this type of surgery?”. The subcategoriesthat describe what is experienced as difficulties are; Preoperative difficulties and challenges,Intraoperative stress and strains and Postoperative care and feelings. The subcategories forwhat facilitate are Support from piers, Education, experiences and retained knowledge andCoping strategies.Conclusion: The result indicates that multiorgan procurement surgery is a rare and differentsurgery of which the participating theatre nurses can be unaccustomed to. The problems can beavoided or facilitated by measures such as preparations, experience and knowledge, educationor debriefing that gives possibilities to share their experiences. There are measures that can betaken to ease and prepare the theatre nurses.

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