Transportinfrastrukturplanering inom Greater Copenhagen – en studie av relationen mellan stat och region

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi

Sammanfattning: The increasing focus, in recent decades, on regions as the primary actor in economic growth and development has led to tensions concerning the responsibilities for regional development between the regions and the nation states. This essay presents the allocation of responsibility between the region and the state, as a case study of the transport infrastructure planning in the Greater Copenhagen cross-border region between Sweden and Denmark. The research questions are: How can the allocation of responsibility between region and the state be understood and explained by theses stakeholders’ interests, within the Greater Copenhagen area, regarding transport infrastructure? What are the interests of the states and regions regarding transport infrastructure? How do these interests relate to each other? How do these interests conflict or align? The theoretical approach consists of four central concepts: the state, globalization, region and cross border region together with an explanation how these concepts relate to each other and the definition of the three areas of interest used in the examination. The study builds on primary data, consisting of interviews with officials from the regions, as well as secondary data containing academic literature together with planning and policy documents. The relationship between state and region can be explained as part of two different logics, the traditional realpolitik system of nation-states and the internationalized system of collaborating regions, which co-exists. A part of the explanation is also the asymmetric division of responsibilities between the state and the region regarding issues on development and transport infrastructure planning and investment. The results can be used to overcome difficulties in cross border planning by analysing the diplomatic relationship concerning different kinds of co-operation in terms of the interests of the stakeholders.

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