Stålkonstruktion : En jämförelse av fast inspända- och ledat infästa pelare

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik

Sammanfattning: Abstract By using steel in load-bearing structures several opportunities due to its capacity are created, therefor large spans and slender cross-sections can be used. The approach of designing loadbearing structures has been simplified over time thanks to softwares and high-capacity computers. The purpose with this report was to investigate various methods to obtain structural stability in a structural system of steel with FEM-Design. The structure in question has recently been designed using timber construction and is placed in Örnsköldsvik with the size of 330 square meters. The structural stability methods that will be investigated are structural systems with hinged- and rigid columns. Furthermore, the hinged columns are mounted with trusses for stability aspects. Normally, hall buildings receive stability thanks to diaphragm action in the profiled plate mounted to the rafters. In this case, the structural system cannot assume this stabilizing action due to thermal affects. Thus, the structural systems require alternative solutions for obtaining structural stability. In combination with the asymmetric design of the buildingdifficulties may be revealed when modelling the frameworks with steel. The result of this report includes forces and chosen cross-sections for each structural system. Moreover, attachments are presented given by the forces that stresses connecting loadbearing members. Several structural elements were required to obtain global stability of thehinged-supported structure with relatively low utilization. The rigid-supported structure required columns with larger cross-sections that will generate difficulties while mounting attachments unto the foundation. Designed columns regarding each structural system wereselected for a HEA 280 of the rigid- respectively a HEA 200 of the hinged-supported structure. In summary, establishment of a hall building of steel is more advantageous if the structural system can be designed strategically according to optimal function and not according to a predetermined appearance. However, given the conditions set in this project, a hinged-supported structure is a better alternative with respect to construction, economy, and manufacturing.

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