Volvo Cars: Frunken : Ett utvecklingsarbete som skapar mervärde för frunken

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för företagande, innovation och hållbarhet

Sammanfattning: The electric car market is growing at a furious pace and cars are becoming increasingly advanced. When the internal combustion engine is replaced with an electric motor, a vacuum is created in the front of the car. Car manufacturers have taken advantage of this and created a luggage compartment in the front. The space is called frunk based on a combination of the words front and trunk.  Car owners currently have difficulty finding areas of use for the frunk as the limited geometry of the space makes it generally difficult to find objects that fit. Products with a view to creating added value for the funk are almost non-existent on the market. The purpose of the degree project is to provide use cases and concept work for a purposeful but rarely used frunk, as an attractive product range for a future Volvo car fleet, regardless of the car segment. shall be malleable according to Volvo's various car segments.  Together with Volvo Cars, the project group has developed a number of concepts that puts the user at the center. The project group has maximized the volume, modified the material and found new solutions, all to make full use of the space. To further optimize the space, the project team has created the concept frunk-kit. Frunk-kit as a concept is a business idea that includes selectable accessories gathered in a custom-made bag. The options vary according to the customer benefit for different target groups and global markets. This concept gives the customer the opportunity to choose the options that suit their lifestyle and the enhances the user experience. The Frunk-kit concept is based on finding the right use for the space and in order to be able to demonstrate the function of the frunk-kit, the project group has created a prototype where the active lifestyle is at the center based on the XC40 recharge target group. By combining the range of Volvo accessories with the frunk, we create new opportunities for the customer to get where they want, with everything they need. 

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