3D-MODELLBYGGHANDLING:VERKLIGHET ELLER UTOPI? : En studie inriktad på kvalitetssäkring

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik; Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik

Sammanfattning: The building industry is facing large changes regardingtechnology: paper drawings are transforming into 3D models andmore information is becoming digital. This report diagnosesweaknesses that exist in today’s quality controls of 3D models andcreates the foundation for quality control of 3D models.An ambiguous review process for 3D models exists due to a lack ofclear guidelines for quality control. This report examines thecurrent methods used for reviewing 3D models and defines the areaswhich need improvement.The study is made at White Arkitekter in conjunction with anongoing project, Celsius, which is modeled in 3D. The model ismade in Revit and the construction documents are delivered as partof the 3D model.The information for this study is based on relevant literature andinterviews with four respondents. Each respondent has a differentrole within and experience from the Celsius project. Qualitativeinterviews were performed.The result of the study shows that the respondents performedquality control within the area they were responsible for. Inaddition, the study shows that the existing quality controlmethods were not compatible for 3D modeling.Furthermore, it shows that proper filters for model objects makesthe quality control of 3D models easier. All respondents agreedthat they could achieve their main aim.This study has resulted in guidelines for creating a qualitycontrol routine when working with 3D modeling.Finally, there are recommendations for potential tools regardingquality control of 3D models for future research.

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