Fattigvården i Eskilstuna 1883-1913 : en undersökning av fattigpenningen 1883-1913

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan på Gotland/Institutionen för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap


In this essay I will analyze how the poor relief was used in Eskilstuna during the years of 1883 to 1913. In the records over who took allowance from the authorities it will also be mention the year of birth, which block the person lived in, sometimes if that person had any children, and if the person was a women it was often written down what profession the (often dead) husband have had when he was alive, or as an alternative what the fathers profession had been and finally its notified how much the person had every month in allowance.

I want to see how the poor relief changed over time. I will do four close checkups, i choose the years 1883, 1893, 1903 and 1913. I will read in the records and compare how many it was that needed the poor relief for that year and further on I will mark out where these people was living in Eskilstuna city. For that propose I will use a map from 1890 and mark out every block in town that received the allowance. It will also be apparent how many persons that received the money from every block.

With these maps I will create a easy overlooking view over which areas over Eskilstuna that was the most needed for poor relief. And then I can compare over time if a certain area of Eskilstuna always was poor or if it changed. And also I will be able to see if the number of people that needed that allowance increased when times got worse and the number decrease when times get better, in short - if the number of needed followed with the national economics situation in general. Further on I will look how much each person did receive in average and if possible try to go down to a individual level.

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