När tiden inte räcker till! : Förbättring av planering, uppföljning och utvärdering av undervisning i en högstadieskola

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Sammanfattning: School improvement is a frequently appearing subject in media nowadays. Stakeholders participating in the discussions are eager to make their voice heard. There are many different approaches, however a quick fix is missing. The number of unsuccessful school development projects raises the question of which aspects are beneficial for successful school improvement. This study examined (1) the planning, (2) follow-up and (3) evaluation of the teaching process at a high school. The organization that is part of a larger project samverkan bästa skola (collaboration best school) was examined for existing improvement areas in the three parts and an implementation plan was presented. The results showed that the reduction of unplanned events, the composition of a plan for more varied teaching and a plan for follow-up and evaluation of teaching were crucial. Based on these three areas, an implementation plan was recommended based on work in all working teams, all subject teams and the development team. The groups got support and guidance in their work, and proposals for the method followed the plan.

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