Faktorer som påverkar ventilationen och som leder till försämrad luftkvalitet i operationssalen -En systematisk litteraturstudie

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Sammanfattning: Introduction: The purpose of the ventilation system in the operating room is to reduce the level of airborne bacterial concentration and thus reduce the risk of surgical site infections. Although the systems are often both expensive and advanced, the problem of surgical site infections is significantly high and there seems to be a lack of compliance to guidelines for optimizing air quality. Infection prevention is part of the scrub nurse´s profession and that includes the responsibility to ensure that the function of the ventilation is correct in the operating room.Aim: The aim of this systematic literature review is to investigate which factors affect the ventilation in the operating room and in turn have an impact on the air quality.Method: A systematic literature review was made by searching for scientific literature in the databases Pubmed and Cinahl. A first screening was done on titles and abstracts. In the next step, full-text articles were read in order to be included or alternatively excluded according to set criteria. Remaining articles were reviewed individually with the support of SBU's review templates. The results that responded to the aim of the literature study, that is, the results of the examined articles, were extracted and compiled.Results: The results show that the factors that affect the ventilation system and in turn have an impact on the air quality in the operating room are door openings, surgical lamps, number of people and movements inside the operating room. The research articles that were included in the study were on average of medium quality and evidence. Not everyone could show findings that were significant.Conclusions: There are many factors that affect the ventilation system and in turn have an impact on the air quality in the operating room. The scrub nurse can, with knowledge of these, argue when routines are not followed and thus contribute to increased compliance to guidelines.

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