"Det är ju så känsligt" : Myndighetspersoners resonemang kring att personer med funktionsnedsättning väljer att bli föräldrar

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Kalmar/Humanvetenskapliga institutionen; Högskolan i Kalmar/Humanvetenskapliga institutionen


Title: ”It´s so sensitive” - Persons in authority's arguments around those persons with disabilities chooses to become parents.

Authors: Therese Andersson and Malene Helander

Supervisor: Magdalena Damberg

The purpose with this paper is to describe and analyze how professionals act when people with disabilities chose to become parents. To achieve this purpose we have chosen to use a qualitative method with deliberation interviews. The interviews have been implemented with six different persons in authority who work in social welfare offices and as LSS - administrators.

Ensured to our questions, (1) How does persons in authority do in the meeting with persons that has a disability and chooses to become parents? (2) Which possibilities respective difficulties see persons in authority within social service and LSS with parenthood where the parent has a disability? (3) What is done in order to facilitate the needs that are added when persons with disabilities chooses to become parents? we consider that they have been responded to.

Through our empirical materials we can interpret and read out the replies that we searched for in connection with our survey. It has shown how persons in authority that is active within social service and LSS goes about when they meet persons with disabilities that want to form family. The procedure sees differently out depending on which disability the client in question has.

Keywords: Persons in authority, disability, empowerment, paternalism.

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