Betaltjänster i Sverige : En kvalitativ studie om hur svenska FinTech- företags utveckling förhåller sig till traditionella banker och marknaden för betaltjänster

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Företagsekonomi

Sammanfattning: There is a shift in the way financial services are provided in relation to alternative payment methods, with FinTech being a significant factor in this trend. This trend continues to grow in popularity, which is why FinTech has become such an important part of the payments market. FinTech is undergoing a paradigm shift and the Swedish market is dependent on the development of FinTech, where many new players have taken a place in the financial market within the payment service area. With these developments, FinTech has a huge impact on traditional banks, including the disruptions, challenges and threats that come with this growth. Banks face major challenges, but the growth of FinTech companies offers innovative financial services that banks cannot keep up with. The purpose of this study is to investigate success factors that have helped FinTech companies grow and succeed, as well as find out what the relationship between FinTech and traditional banks looks like, and the challenges FinTech faces in relation to the financial services sector. The study is based on a FinTech perspective, where four Swedish FinTech companies: Klarna, Qliro Walley and Resurs Bank participate in. The study is based on a qualitative study that is supplemented with a semi-structured interview, which is the study's primary data collection. A use of secondary data has also been made, by retrieving reports from various organizations and authorities. The result showed that the main success factor for FinTech growth is customer interaction, as demand places great importance on the development of the company's services. Initiating cooperation with banks is seen as an opportunity and as a business strategy, where traditional banks can give FinTech comparative advantage. This is because the banks have more market knowledge of payment services that can be used by FinTech. The existence of new regulations can affect FinTech companies differently, which is considered a major challenge, and trying to keep up with the regulations can be costly to adapt to.

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