Valley of connections : Networks and spatiality in the archaeological landscape of the Morello Valley in central Sicily

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för arkeologi och antik historia

Sammanfattning: This thesis uses GIS and spatial analysis to study connections in the archaeological landscape of the Morello Valley, in the Enna province in Sicily (Italy). To identify potential social relations, the idea of social networks is adapted into the spatial network analysis. The spatiality of 42 sites with archaeological layers from Mid-to Late Neolithic until Medieval times are explored by looking at intervisibility, movement and accessibility. A historical map is used to reconstruct hydrology, and spatial data is accessed to include ancient paths and sulphur resources. Phenomenological methods are also used to describe the landscape and applied in GIS and spatial analysis to explore how people may have related to their environment. Local and external contacts in Sicily throughout history are reflected upon through different time scales to give context to the spatial network analysis of the Morello Valley. Furthermore, links between people and landscape are also contemplated through the notion of affordances. Throughout the thesis, the methodology of spatial analyses is being assessed. The aim is to put emphasis on the practical process of analysing landscape and spatiality through networks, while at the same time analysing the connectedness of the Morello Valley.

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