Psykisk ohälsa hos ungdomar - Ur ett skolsköterskeperspektiv

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från

Författare: Annika Heidenborg; Karin Kjellgren; [2017-12-14]

Nyckelord: Ungdomar; psykisk ohälsa; skolsköterska;

Sammanfattning: Background: Mental illness among adolescents is increasing globally as well as nationally. There is a greater risk of unemployment, social problems and mental health related issues if young people with mental illness do not get accurate help at an early stage. The school nurses work should be mainly preventive and health promoting. In each check-up a dialogue between the school nurse and the student is included, focusing on the needs of that particular student. Aim: In this study, our aim is to highlight school nurses’ experiences of working with mental illness among adolescents. Method: Qualitative interview study with an inductive approach. Six school nurses were interviewed and data were analyzed with a qualitative content analysis method. Results: The results were presented in four themes: To gain knowledge, To detect causes, To give support and To cooperate with others. The school nurses really emphasized the importance of accessibility for the students with mental illness regarding counseling and support, which needs to be based on the background and ability of the student rather than being corrective or admonishing. All of the school nurses felt that the team work at their schools was well functioning but the collaboration with external resources was lacking. Conclusion: The result of the study can contribute to a deeper understanding in the school nurses´ work to promote health and identify illness in adolescents at an early stage which can yield a socio-economic benefit in the long run through the prevention of mental illness in adulthood.

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