Public, personal and municipal perception of eHealth in home care

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Människa och Kommunikation; KTH/Människa och Kommunikation

Sammanfattning: This project was initiated due to the need for new manners of taking care of elderly. The purpose was to determine the perception of eHealth within home care. The goal was to analyze the perception of eHealth in order to find factors which may affect the implementation of eHealth services. To distinguish the perception, surveys with health personnel within home care and the general public as well as and interviews with municipalities were performed. An extension of the Technology Acceptance Model was used in order to locate the perception to seven different categories related to eHealth. The results from the surveys were statistically analysed, and a factor analysis was executed on the surveys, in order to find groups with similar perception on eHealth. The surveys showed that the general perception of the usability and ease of use of eHealth is positive, even though one view was that the society needs to invest more money within the area. The factor analysis resulted in six different groups of perceptions for the personnel and three groups for the general public. The interviews demonstrated that a clear and common definition of eHealth is missing. Despite that, a positive perception of eHealth within the municipalities existed. A conclusion made was that with clear guidelines of how to work eHealth, a wider and faster implementation will be easier to accomplish. 

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