Open Minded Innovation: A Case Study on Crowdsourcing for Social Innovation

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Sammanfattning: This master’s thesis explores how crowdsourcing and, in particular, crowdsourcing contestscan be utilized for the advancement of social innovation. Crowdsourcing contests are growingin popularity as a means for generating innovation across multiple sectors. They are beingmore commonly used in the social sector to find breakthrough solutions for complex andwicked problems faced by modern society. The utilization of the internet and web-based openinnovation platforms to host crowdsourcing contests enables collective problem solving andsolution development by inviting the participation of contributors from around the globe. Inthis thesis study the Early Childhood Prize (EC Prize) has been investigated as arepresentative case study to explore the phenomenon of utilizing crowdsourcing contests tosupport social innovation. While the EC Prize focuses on advancing innovation within theearly childhood development field, this qualitative study aims to provide insight into thisemerging phenomenon as a whole by presenting scholarly literature in the subjects of socialinnovation, open innovation, and crowdsourcing combined with empirical data gathered fromselected actors from the EC Prize. Key findings from the study are presented through threeprimary areas of focus: tapping user innovation, facilitating the external search for innovation,and collaboration with a distributed network to create social innovation. Additionally,practical implications are presented along with suggestions for future research.

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