Timeout – Hand i hand med kvinnan

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Sammanfattning: Background: How a midwife cares for and acts during childbirth plays a big role when it comes to women’s experience of participation in prolonged labour. The woman may experience that she´s not involved in what the health professionals are doing. At Sahlgrenska University Hospital, as part of a quality improvement project, the timeout model was developed to prevent prolonged labour and optimise the woman´s participation. The aim with the model is, in the event of prolonged labour, to increase the woman´s participation and optimise the possibility, when circumstances allow, of a vaginal childbirth. Further to complete childbirth within a reasonable time period during restrictive circumstances. The woman´s involvement in decision-making complies with the patient’s right of self-determination.Aim: The aim of this study is to describe the midwives experiences of involving the woman in the event of prolonged labour using the timeout-model.Method: The study was performed using semi-structured interviews, which were analysed using a content-analysis method. Seven midwives from two labour wards at the Sahlgrenska University hospital were interviewed.Result: In the results two categories were extracted: Physical and emotional presence as well as involvement and communication. These categories stemmed from five sub-categories: Physical presence promotes participation, emotional presence strengthens participation, information supports participation, encouraging a dialogue leads to participation and feedback and reflection foster participation. These categories reflect the timeout-model. The midwives experience was that the different steps in the model allowed for different methods of involving the woman.Conclusion: Midwives experience that the timeout-model facilitates their work to make the woman more involved in their childbirth care in case of prolonged labour. They also find that they use different methods to make the woman involved. Actively using their physical presence and inviting to dialogue, as well as passively by highlighting the work and communicating adequate information to the woman.Key words: Timeout, Participation, Normal childbirth, Prolonged Labour, Midwives duty

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