Enterprise 2.0: Integrating Web 2.0 into Organizational Business Structure

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Sammanfattning: In a social environment, web 2.0 technologies offer significant benefits to enterprises willing to integrate the technology into their business. The most socio-technological systems which have gained much more attention and generated most interest from companies in recent years are blogs, social networking and wikis. However, web 2.0 technologies provide opportunities for companies that are able to implement them effectively. The overall purpose of this thesis is to describe and explore the use of web 2.0 technologies within and between enterprises as well as challenges associated with their use. Five interviews have been conducted to investigate the phenomena of how web 2.0 technologies are used in companies and challenges behind the use of these technologies. The results show that the uses and tasks of web 2.0 technologies differ from internal uses into external uses, from one company to other companies and even from one department to other departments. Also, the research finds that not all companies use web 2.0 technologies externally due to challenges like security issue, culture change and management experiences which prevent the further success of Enterprise 2.0.

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