Ledarskapsskillnader mellan ofentligt och privat anställda ledare : När sektorstillhörighet inte längre är relevant

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Örebro universitet/Handelshögskolan vid Örebro Universitet

Sammanfattning: The Public vs. private movement has over the past decades identified numerous significant differences between public and private organizations. The observed differences covers almost every field in administrative economics ranging from organizational structure, management accounting, goal-setting and in the past few years even leadership. Strangely, in the majority of these studies little or no regards are given to organizational characteristics or fundamental differences between compared organizations and if these organizations really are comparable when studying the effect of sector. The aim of this study is to compare leadership in relatively similar organizations from both the public and private sector and so clarify if earlier identified differences in leadership styles still surface when leaders working with approximately the same thing in a similar work context are studied. A sample of 348 Swedish principals was drawn from both municipal and private elementary schools. The respondents answered a web-based survey based on the CPE-model resulting in leadership styles mapped according to three orientations: change, production and employee. Data was analyzed with several quantitative methods and the result failed to reproduce earlier observed differences with statistical significance or with satisfying strength when leaders working with approximately same thing in similar context were compared.

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