Förutsättningar för skred i Huddinge kommun idag och i ett framtida klimat

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för naturgeografi och kvartärgeologi (INK)

Sammanfattning: It is imperative to provide more information regarding changed conditions resulting landslide events in a future climate. The aim of this thesis is to assess landslide susceptibility in Huddinge Municipality in middle Sweden. The main purpose is to produce a map, to visualize landslide susceptible areas, and to integrate the result with changes in physical factors such as climate change. Also, the thesis aims to analyze anthropogenic factors such as changes in land use and an increasing population in Huddinge Municipality. Methods used are GIS-analyses, interviews with staff of Huddinge Municipality, and field observations. The GIS-analysis solely aims to provide areas which are landslide susceptible in changed conditions in the future. Interviews with municipality employees provided data about population growth and future land use of Huddinge. In addition to the GIS analysis and the interviews, field observations and photo documentations were carried out to validate the GIS-results and to investigate if slopes in Huddinge are geomorphic active. It can be concluded that there are slopes in Huddinge Municipality which are landslide susceptible today and in a future climate. It can not be excluded that the landslide frequency will increase due to climate change because of increasing days with intense rainfall and fluctuations in the groundwater table. Most vulnerable areas are the ones located in areas which are both landslide susceptible, and where a growing population is predicted. In order to minimize the risk and vulnerability, Huddinge Municipality either cooperates with external companies or scientific institutions, or uses technical solutions to stabilize clay soils. Finally, the GIS-analysis used in this thesis in Huddinge Municipality is applicable to any other geographical areas in Sweden or elsewhere.

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