Att arbeta internt med Corporate Social Responsibility : Hur Corporate Social Responsibility påverkar hållbarhet och välmående bland socialarbetare

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Handelshögskolan


Corporate Social Responsiblity is today a well known concept in the business world. The concept contains responsibility and sustainability for those who chose to work with Corporate Social Responsibility and the three responsibility areas within the concept. Responsibility and sustainability is of importance, no matter what core business a corporation has. The responsibility goes both out from the corporation, to take care of the surrounding society and the environment. The responsibility also concerns the corporation interal, aiming for a sustainable work enivornment and good working conditions. Social workers are a group or workers in a risky work environment. Earlier studies shows that it is not uncommon with stress, fatigue and work burnout. Social worker have an important duty which is supporting an helping people with needs and that are not feeling well. It is not a sustainable work to help others when social workers are not feeling well themselves. The lack of sustainability in social workers work environment needs to improve. Eariler studies show that corporations that implements Corporate Social Responsibility tend to have more satisfied employees. Can the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and its areas of responsibility create a more sustaianble work environment for social workers? The empirical study has been made in a help organization working with guidelines for sustainability and where social workers are working. The empirical study is made using an open directed interview. The interviews have been recorded and transcribed, and the transcribated material have then been interpreted with a thematic analysis. The analysis of the result shows well-being among social workers in the chosen help organization, and that there is a connection between well-being among social workers and an active sustainability work according to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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