#Sponsrat inlägg : En kvantitativ studie om konsumenters påverkan av influencer marketing på Instagram

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Företagsekonomi

Sammanfattning: Social media has, with the digital world development, grown hugely and is now a well integrated part of our daily life. A strategy that has grown widely and strong in conjunction with this, is the marketing phenomenon influencer marketing. Where the businesses use social media, like Instagram, to market their products and services, and to communicate their brand to the customers. It is all about a relationship between the business, the influencer and the customer. To succeed with this, it takes that the influencer is a trustworthy person, with a loyal following-crowd. The power has, with this development of the digital world, moved from the businesses to the customer and also the influencer. With this said, we can see a purpose in examining the consumer perspective, where the power really lies. After examining previous research, we discovered a gap where they had not researched enough regarding the consumer perspective. Previous research has focused on the business perspective. This study therefore aims to examine the consumer's attitudes regarding influencer marketing. With the aim to understand, to what extent they are affected by this marketing method. To help with this we have decided to use research questions regarding how consumers considers that their purchasing behavior is affected by influencer marketing, what the consumers attitude towards influencer marketing is, in the terms of trust and confidence, and what helps to increase their willingness to buy. To get a wide perspective, we choose a quantitative research method where 155 survey were distributed online, on Facebook and LinkedIn. Beyond this, secondary data has been used, with support in previous research regarding the subject influencer marketing. Throughout the study, two keywords have recurred, trust and confidence. These has with the study shown to be a vital factor, when it comes to consumers attitudes regarding influencer marketing. Businesses have to create trust towards the customers, through creating genuine relationships, much with the help from the influencers.

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