Not just a kvinnofråga A content analysis of Swedish press portrayals of men & #MeToo

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Författare: Elissa Shaw; [2019-08-07]

Nyckelord: #MeToo; content analysis; media framing; masculinities; gender portrayal;

Sammanfattning: With its sudden outbreak in October 2017, the anti-harassment movement #MeToo quickly created avast, worldwide impact on social media, in the traditional press as well as in everyday lives. In Swedenespecially, a country with a long history in fighting for gender equality, women in their thousandsshared their stories of sexual harassment and came together both as individuals and as occupationalgroups to raise a collective voice. Slowly the focus also turned to the role of men in relation to themovement, the problems raised and the solutions posed. Based on a framework of media framing analysisand various studies on masculinity, this paper examines the ways the male gender has been portrayedin opinionated Swedish press coverage during the first three and a half months of #MeToo. The methodologycentres around a quantitative cluster analysis strategy that aids in identifying distinct mediaframes. The findings demonstrate how the three frames that emerge from the sample data all characterisethe surfacing topics and male identity roles in thematically different ways (Power, Education andRisk Frames). Furthermore, the study discusses how female journalists take a critical stance towards theproblematic structures of society more often than men, who on the contrary focus more on the educationalimportance of changing male norms.

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