För Sverige i Tiden - Kronprinsessan Victoria - klädsel i kunglig ämbetsutövning

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för mediestudier

Sammanfattning: The object of this thesis is Crown Princess Victoria's dress choices in her royal duties, primarily ceremonies, during the past three years based on visibility in media. The aim of the study is to investigate whether the Crown Princess has used fashion in a different way than other royals in history and today. Fashion scientific I have also examined how the Crown Princess fashion choices relates to her brand, an my studies has focused on subjects such as nationality, power, style, class and popular appeal. The questions relates to the Crown Princess' conscious clothing priorities, her wedding dress and the fashion effects on the Crown Princess' brand. The material includes: field observation at the wedding dress exhibition at the Royal Palace, interviews at the Royal Court, surveys of fashion magazines and a collection of photo material. The varied material, its scope and the time constraints have made me choose the ethnological method "the moving searchlight" as a flexible and systematic processing of the material based upon the overall research questions. I have used the theories by Erving Goffman and Pierre Bourdieu throughout the analysis with focus on use of Goffman ́s theory taken from the theater and enactments and Bourdieu with his theories in sociology as the visibility of taste in practices. The results from my analysis show that there are differences in the way the Crown Princess expresses her role in comparison with other historical and contemporary royals. These differences are mainly visible in her choice of clothing from a sustainability perspective but also based on the concept of popular appeal. The similarities are those concerning national origin in her choices of clothing. I have also come to the conclusion that academic analytical methods in her royal fashion choices, on the basis of history and deep academic analysis, could become key success factors in the developing of the Crown Princess style in terms of visibility and ultimately strengthening her brand for Sweden, The Royal Family and the Royal Court.

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