Drömkandidaten : En kritisk diskursanalys om hur den ideale sökande konstrueras i platsannonser inom bygg- och fastighetssektorn

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Svenska

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to investigate how an ideal job applicant is described when searching real estate janitors and real estate managers in job advertising using a Swedish linguistic perspective. This is achieved by looking at how the model reader is constructed i.e. if the ways to describe the two occupational groups differ, if the descriptions tend to include or exclude groups of applicants, and if and how a relationship is created between the employer and the recipient and if so what kind of relationship. The material consists of ten job advertisements where the employer is looking for real estate janitors and ten job advertisements where the employer is looking for real estate managers. The choice of method for the study is systemic functional grammar, critical discourse analysis and gender coding. Theoretically I also start from the systemic functional grammar and the critical discourse analysis, though with an emancipatory approach. The descriptions of the dream candidates that is created in the ads differ between the two occupations. Real estate janitor is a job which requires more practical skills, while the job as a manager requires more theoretical skills. The ideal real estate janitor has equal numbers of masculine and feminine qualities. The dream candidate is self-propelled, service-oriented and is able to plan the working day in an efficient way. Since the employer seems to have a dominant attitude towards the janitor their relationship tends to not be very close. The ideal dream candidate created for real estate managers is also very self-sufficient, but he or she also has a strong internal drive and likes to run projects in combination with a strong sense of responsibility. The ideal real estate manager has a little more feminine than masculine qualities. The relationship between the employer and the ideal real estate manager is more symmetrical than the relationship that is constructed with the ideal real estate manager.

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