Den äldre generationens tankar kring ridundervisning förr, nu och för framtiden

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry

Sammanfattning: The older generation’s opinions about riding education in the past, present and for the future This is a qualitative study based on seven informants’ thoughts about their own pedagogics, how it has changed over time, and the overall changes in Sweden’s riding education. It is also about what the informants want to bring to the future regarding their own pedagogics that could help develop riding education. Today’s society is in the middle of a change from the old form of riding education based on the pedagogics from the military to the new and modern way of educating riders. The older generation has knowledge and experience in riding education that will soon vanish unless it is preserved. The aim of this study has been to assemble the informants’ thoughts on this matter. The informants were interviewed in person or over the phone. The questions asked were from an interview sheet and dealt with the background of the informants, their own pedagogy, horses and students in educational situations, and how they view the future. The results show that most of the informants believe that they have changed their pedagogy over time. They have become more gentle with the students, and now need to motivate their actions towards the students. They also think that their own riding instructor education was better than the riding instructor education available today, however one informant stood out from the others and thought that the riding instructor education today is much better than the ones during the old days. The results also show that the informants think the students today are treated with much less discipline and therefore they show less respect towards their riding instructors and horses and question the riding instructor’s knowledge. All the informants had many ideas and thoughts about how to make riding education better in the future, such as 30-minute lessons, riding schools niched on other disciplines than dressage and show jumping, and a trainee system.

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