Möjligheter till förändring: En kvalitativ studie om drivkraften att studera vidare som palestinsk flykting i Libanon

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this candidate thesis has been to study the motivation of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who had chosen to continue their studies at the university despite the difficult living conditions: factors that influenced their choice and how their choice of study affected their lives. The study has been a qualitative research aimed at finding out peoples’ experiences and feelings rather than information that can easily be shown in numbers. Consequently, we conducted interviews with seven graduates of Palestinian origin who were born and grew up in refugee camps in Lebanon. The study showed that respondents' choice of further studies was based primarily on the will of maintaining the academic traditions that existed in their families. Secondly, the desire of revenge against the discriminatory society, and thirdly, the genuine hunger to create a better life for the coming generations. The conclusions drawn from the analysis of empirical data also showed that respondents wanted to be role models to other Palestinians and hand over the tradition. The study has also tended to highlight the difficulties and obstacles that respondents had to contend with during their education. Some of these problems are general poor structural conditions, maltreatment of students, overcrowding, poverty etc. The result showed that the experience of discrimination and the feeling of being inferior was evident throughout the study period. The results also revealed that the commitment of the respondents was never in doubt, rather the problem lies mainly on the negative label placed on the Palestinian refugees. .

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