Språkval svenska engelska : Kursen som ligger utanför

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen


Language choice is a required course in years 6-9 of compulsory school. Those who do not wish to study a Modern language of French, Spanish or German may choose language choice English or language choice Swedish instead. These two courses are meant to provide students with additional support and advanced work in those subjects. Although grades are given in Modern Languages, language choice English and Swedish do not merit a grade. Neither language choice English nor language choice Swedish has a set curriculum or syllabus. The regulations regarding these courses are dubious as well which results in varied interpretations among schools. Other research discussed in this thesis indicates that student motivation is low and truancy high. The intention of this thesis is to shed light upon an area left very much in the dark. Who are these students choosing language choice English and language choice Swedish? What have they based their choice upon? How are these courses organized, prioritized and taught? How do the students and teachers experience these courses? Data has been collected at three schools in the form of in depth teacher interviews and student questionnaires in order to answer these questions. In addition, school statistics have been examined and similar research utilized in the analysis of the collected data.


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