“Du är faktiskt chef här” Hur tillitsfulla arbetsrelationer skapas - en kvalitativ studie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Författare: Sofia Hallsten; Sebastian Olsson; [2019-09-02]

Nyckelord: Tillit; LMX; Rollteori; Medarbetarskap; Arbetsrelation;

Sammanfattning: This study examines how the relation between employees and their managers appear from the perspective of the employee. Furthermore, employees from two different industries has been interviewed, one male dominated industry in construction and a female dominated industry in health and social care. Questions that we intend to answer are: How does the relation between the employee and its manager manifest, from the perspective of the employee? What is perceived as important to be able to form good relations between employees and their manager? This study is relevant for both HR personnel and managers since previous research has found that trusting relationships have a great impact in both employees wellbeing as well as having organizational profits (Greguras & Ford, 2006). Holmberg & Rothstein (2016) has also found that organizations with a low degree of trust between employees and managers is less efficient and has higher costs.3Empirical data has been collected from 8 semi structured interviews with nurses and constructors, the data has been analysed using thematic analysis in order to find patterns of importance in the respondents’ answers. Our findings suggest that employees have a strong opinion on leadership and their relationship with managers. The results also suggest that there are individual differences but also commonalities shared by all respondents. Many respondents brought up wanting their manager to stand by their side when conflicts occur. Many also mentioned that the manager should have the ability to listen to their employees. Honesty, direct and empathic communication, the ability to give orders and to delegate responsibilities was also mentioned as qualities that help build trustful relationships.We have strong support in our findings from the Wheel of employeeship (Hällsten & Tengblad, 2006). Since Scandinavian organizations usually have flat hierarchies and give influence and responsibilities to employees (Tengblad, 2009) (Andersen & Hällsten, 2006), it is our conclusion that dialogue can become even more important to define role-expectations on both managers and employees. If there are clear expectations from both parties, it is easier to value their behaviour and achievements. Trust is defined as the will to pay ones dues in belief that the other party will do theirs (Denti, 2018). Defined roles will make it easier to know what is expected from the assigned role and therefore, easier to meet those expectations. Finally, we advise HR-personnel to encourage an open communication between managers and their employees.

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