Påverkande faktorer vid fastighetsutveckling - Fallstudie av Väderkvarnen 10

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Utbildningar i Helsingborg

Sammanfattning: Property development can evoke different kinds of emotions, depending on the stakeholders approach to the real estate project. This is because the process itself, affects both people and the environment. The idea behind a real estate project often has great significance, but regardless, it's always the democratic process that regulates and determines whether a project can be realized or not. Literature and studies often shows the property development process from major real estate companies point of view, with large real estate projects. This thesis will instead shine a light on a smaller property development project. The purpose of this thesis is to find and examine the factors that affects the development of a property. It also aims to analyze how these factors affect the real estate development at different scenario. Where scenario could mean that the property is to be sold in its current condition or converted into apartments or town houses. With an objective to create more favorable conditions for the property owner's decision regarding the property's future. Literature was initially studied to gain an understanding of property development in general, real estate law and the economics in property development. Knowledge from current education and work experience have complemented the acquired knowledge from the studied literature. Through interviews with people active in the real estate industry, a broader insight and perspektiv has been obtained of how the real estate development in reality works. Furthermore, the thesis has been carried out as a case study, where factors affecting property development has been analyzed for an existing property. The conclusion suggests that the most economically viable way to develop and sell a property on attractive location is in the form of condominiums. Where operating cost is something that greatly affect the composition of charges for a housing association. Furthermore, the location is a factor that influences the choice of development options and what is economically justifiable. But in the end it is up to the property owner to make the decision on how the property will be developed.

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