Horan, strippan, dominan - sexualiserade karaktärstyper och deras filmdramatiska funktioner

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Filmvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The study examines a supporting female film character in drama film since 2006 until today. She is characterized through their work as a prostitute, stripper or dominatrix, and the lack of dramatic development that is often replaced by a contributory to the main character’s development. Where earlier studies of this character type has confirmed their role as a bad example, this essay emphasizes the opposite. With the help of classical dramaturgy, film theory of the female heroine and various feminist perspectives the character type in eight drama movies from around the world is analyzed. To be able to discuss her more specific properties, and the function of them, she is separated into three: Ideal Woman, Costume Woman and Deficient Woman. The study also intends to comment on an ongoing public debate on prostitution and so-called "sex- workers", a debate that proved to be clearly related to the functions of the character type. This is because a post-feminist wing, parallel to the films' releases, have praised sex-workers as strong women in control of their lives, and certainly not as victims of patriarchy that radical feminism has claimed. The post-feminist approach has not only reached the film theory, but can also be traced international in the blockbuster movie as well as in the more marginalized film - a discovery whose advantages and disadvantages are discussed in the paper.

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