Kolonialismens spöke : En undersökning av svensk kolonialism inom svenska arkiv angående samiskt material

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Arkivvetenskap

Sammanfattning: Colonialism is a word coated with history of trauma, opression and self-governance, something most people only apply to the past. However, most people do not realize that colonialism is still alive within our modern community and all the different levels of it. This essay is a analysis if colonialism exists within the swedish archival world in the context of the indigenous people of Sweden: the Sámi. The essay shall discuss how colonialism has affected Swedish archival ways of working in regard to Sámi issues and documenation, but also how colonialism affects todays archival work and the discussion around who should manage the historical items and documets that have been stolen from the Sámi people by Sweden. As the Sámi people live in four different countries, it’s needed to point out that this essay will be focusing on the Swedish side of Sápmi, as the situation in Finland, Norway and Russia are entierly different in regard to politics and, archival practices, yet some of the discussion will be around the Norwegian work with Sámi archives and discussing how it might be applicable to Sweden. As I am part of the Sámi and indingenous community this essay will be using a indingenous perspective of colonalism and the process of decolonisation and the affect it has on our communities, not only does it affect Sweden but globally and why indigenous people are working towards de-colonizing it even if it goes against typical archival practices. As i have the knowledge in both perspectives I will discuss why this is such a complex subject and how the process of de-colonization of swedish archives looks from the Swedish and archival perspective and the Sámi indigenous.  

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