Mentala gränser & social hierarki i det folkvandringstida dräktmaterialet

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Arkeologi

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this essay is to inquire whether there are any resemblance or differences in the Migrationperiod textiles between the three places that I have chosen, Högom in Sweden, Evebø and Snartemo in Norway. Another purpose is to investigate if this magnificence dressmaterial indicate some kind of mental borders, social differences or hierarchy not only towards other powerful chieftains in other areas but also inside there own society and groups, a dresscode. In other words both individually locally as regionally and internationally. If there are resemblance's between the dressmaterial, gravefinds and the graves context could that be a sign of the same sphere of power, alliances, trading, intentional import, domestic production, culturedistribution? My aim in this essay is to try to show that the textile ought to have a higher significance place among archaeological material. The material that I use is pertinent literature of different kinds such as archaeological, textilearchaeological,landscapearchaeological, genusarchaeological, sociological, old written historical sources from historical authors as Tacitus and pictures of different images from historical and archaeological material. In the material I could clearly see that a dressecode were present both locally and internationally. Many of the textiles from these three gravesites where a lot alike. The appearance of the dress, how it was cut and sewn together, the colour on it was of highest signification. This imply that alliances and connections between different areas was of the highest importance. The small chiefdoms in Scandinavia, Högom Evebø and Snartemo, had to dress in this way at special occasions to protect there dynasty's power and to show both for the nearest group and for other dynasties that they still was a force to reckon with. However these tree places wasn?t part of the same sphere of power but did clearly have connection of some sort.

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