Räntefria finansieringsmodeller vid köp av bostadsrätter : Ett möjligt scenario i Sverige?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Fastigheter och byggande

Författare: Ali Ali; [2016]

Nyckelord: ;


The lack of interest-free financing options in Sweden and a failed attempt to implement

Islamic banking in the country, has contributed to many Muslims today have limited

opportunities to purchase condominiums, villas or similar accommodations. The reason for

this is the condemnation of charging interest in the belief of Islam.

In this essay, three interest-free financing models invented by the author will be presented.

The primary purpose of this paper is to investigate how the announced financing models are

perceived by various people from different categories. Then on the basis of respondents'

views determine what or which models are the most realistic scenario. All models consist of a

financier whose purpose is to buy on the behalf of the stakeholders’ and resell for a higher

price. The financing models can be briefly described as follows:

• Model 1 - Acquisitions of single condominium funded by an intermediary who buys

and then sells on to the prospect of interest-free installments.

• Model 2 - Formation of the condominium association in order to acquire land and

build house in order to sell to stakeholders of interest-free loans with an interest-free

installment plan.

• Model 3 - Acquisition of newly built condominium project to then sell on to the

stakeholders of interest-free mortgage with an interest-free payment plan.

A qualitative study will be the basis of empirical data regarding the perception of the

financing models. A number of people from various construction companies, researchers and

potential investors have been interviewed, to give their opinions on the models. Furthermore,

an investment calculation regarding the profitability of model 3 been conducted.

Based on the respondents and the report it is possible to conclude that model 2 is the most

realistic scenario. Thus Model 1 is regarded a possible realistic scenario, however, Model 3

was excluded by the majority of respondents.

Furthermore, it was found that an investment by the procedure of Model 3, with a yield

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