Ungdomars syn på urbana grönområden, samt deras påverkan på ungas hälsa.- En fallstudie av ungdomar i Helsingborg stad

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: The human population steadily increases all over the globe and around half of the world’s inhabitant lives in cities. This allows urban exploitation to increase and the natural habitats to decrease. Urban green areas are important habitats for urban living species and significant for human beings since they contribute with ecosystem services and to people’s health and well-being, especially in younger ages, which makes their disappearance a big environmental issue. This study aims to investigate juveniles view on urban green areas, how they are used and what kinds of activity that performs in the areas. Also, which park character and properties preferable for the juveniles should be examined. The city Helsingborg in north-eastern Scania is used as a case study. The work will also contribute with an information base for Helsingborg in future decision making. The method used is based on an internet survey, which juveniles in the classes 7 and 9 in intermediate school, and students in the second year of high school in the city of Helsingborg, had to answer. The result shows that juveniles in Helsingborg have a big interest in keeping urban green areas and visits them regularly. All grades prefer the park character reposeful and the most common activity preformed in the areas for class 9 and the high school students were walkabouts, and for class 7 it was physical activities. The most desirable propertie of the green areas was peace and quiet. The green areas influence on the physical and psychological health of the juveniles were mainly the property of making them more energetic and relaxed, but also for the psychological impact, the ability of making the students less stressed.

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