Attending to the now : A systematic review of the neural correlates of trait mindfulness

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Skövde/Institutionen för biovetenskap

Författare: Ellen Vesterlund; [2021]

Nyckelord: Trait mindfulness; fMRI; MRI; wellbeing;

Sammanfattning: Trait mindfulness refers to the tendency of being mindful in everyday life. Individuals characterized with high trait mindfulness have reported high subjective wellbeing and are less prone to depression and stress. The aim with this systematic review was to investigate the neural correlates of trait mindfulness. Also, to compare the neural correlates underlying trait mindfulness with those related to mindfulness practices. A systematic search, screening and selection was conducted, resulting in twelve articles included for data extraction and discussion. All studies investigated resting state brain activity or brain structure, measured by fMRI or MRI, in relation to individual scores in trait mindfulness measures. Trait mindfulness was characterized by reduced connectivity within the DMN (between the PCC, the medial PFC, the STG and the thalamus e.g.) and increased functional connectivity between the insula and the ACC within the SN. Further, decreased functional connectivity between the DMN and the SN was observed. No consistent structural correlates characterizing trait mindfulness were reported. Reduced connectivity within the DMN is thought to associate with reduced vulnerability to rumination and depression. Increased connectivity within the SN has been linked to enhanced body awareness and interoception. Decreased functional connectivity between the DMN and the SN has been suggested to facilitate enhanced attention. Trait mindfulness appears to share some neural characteristics with those linked to mindfulness practices: weaker functional connectivity within the DMN, increased involvement of the insula and the ACC within the SN, and weaker connectivity between the DMN and the SN.

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