Döende böcker och levande texter : En kvalitativ studie om barns syn på läsning, text och bibliotek

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM


This master thesis is based on the sociocultural perspective. A qualitative research study was conducted to investigate children's attitudes towards reading, texts and libraries.

The theoretical background is constituted by ideas from the new sociology of childhood, literacy-studies and reader-response theory.

The study was conducted with 23 children, 13 girls and 10 boys, participating in focus groups.

The results of the study reveal that children's literacy-activities in school are strongly influenced and limited by adults. Children's interest in pictures and non-fiction-reading do not correspond to the school institution that favors traditional media and fiction. The study also reveals a gender division between children's literacy-activities that tends to grow with age. All the children in the study regard libraries as book-houses and wished for libraries that combine activity and serenity.

The thesis shows the importance of being aware of, and engage in, children's reading-interests and reading-practices if the reading stimulating activities in schools and libraries are to be successful. The study also shows that an integration of new media in the school and in the library is necessary if children's reading skills are to be improved.

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