HRBP-rollen och samspelet inom HR-funktionen - En fallstudie i en shared service-organisation

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: Shared service organizations have become a commonly used model in how to organize the HRfunction in large organizations. The HR function is here divided in three parts: HR businesspartners, service centre and centre of expertise. Implementing a shared service model andadapting it to the conditions of a specific organization has shown to be complex. Especially theHRBP role and the interplay between the three parts of the HR function have proven to bechallenging. The purpose of this study is to investigate HRBP’s role in a shared serviceorganization and the interplay between HRBP, service center and center of expertise.The study is conducted by using a qualitative method. The study is a single case studyperformed at a large global organization, referringing to as Organisation X. The empiricsconsists of nine semi-structured interviews with three HRBP:s, two employees from the servicecentre, two employees from the center of expertise and two managers within the company. Theinterviews have been transcribed and analyzed with a thematic analysis and the empirics havealso been linked to previous research.The study found that the role of HRBP is not as unclear as earlier stated, however it iscomprehensive and includes a wide range of assignments. The HRBP role carries a lot ofexpectations from both HR colleagues, line managers and other customers which can bedifficult to fulfill. The close relation between HRBP:s and the business usually makes the HRBPfeel more loyal to the business than to the HR function. The study also found that the HRfunction is seen as three separate parts by the employees in the HR function, instead of one unit.One of the major challenges is creating an understanding of the other parts within the HRfunction, their priorities and their work. The interplay between the HRBP:s and the servicecenter and the center of expertise can be improved in several ways, that is, enhancedcommunication between all three parts, working together at the same geographical unit, workrotation and creating common purposes for the HR function. Creating an effective HR functionin a shared service organization requires time and dedication.

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