Prototyp av informationssystem för militärfordon

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap; Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Författare: Oskar Lindgren; John Talling; [2011]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: Computer based information systems play an important role in modern military combat vehicles. The crew needs to be able to quickly get information about both the vehicle and its outer surroundings in order to quickly make the correct decisions. In this report, we describe the development of a prototype new information system for the BvS10 vehicle, manufactured by BAE System Hägglunds AB in Örnsköldsvik. An important aspect of the system is the time it takes from the point that the information is generated by the vehicle sensors until it is presented to the user. The system must be able to ensure that it never displays information that is out of date. Thus, it is important to create a layer and component based architecture for the solution, making it possible to control, in detail, the information’s age as it moves through the system. In connection to this, we also perform a deeper study of component based design in general and for Microsoft .NET in particular. We also discuss the timing related problems that can occur on garbage collection programming platforms (such as .NET) and show some of their solutions proposed in the scientific literature.

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