Hur uttrycket ”på köpet” påverkar värderingen av en vara : En studie kring produktpaketeringens påverkan på endowment effect vid inköp och försäljning av en kaffekopp.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Företagsekonomi

Sammanfattning: Title: How the expression “in the bargain” affects the valuation of an item Level: Final assignment for bachelor’s degree in business administration  Author: Pontus Axenfalk and Markus Gustafsson Supervisor: Patrik Sörqvist Date: 2022 - June Aim: The purpose of this study is to investigate the interaction between endowment effect and product bundling. More specifically, we intend to investigate whether the size of the endowment effect in relation to a purchased product becomes larger or smaller depending on whether the product is bundled together with another product at the time of purchase. Method: The study is based on a quantitative research method with a deductive approach. An experiment was conducted where data were collected via two web-based surveys, which through a random sample generated 86 responses (43 per survey). Data were analyzed in SPSS and Microsoft Excel. Results and conclusions: Since the average value of Willingness to Accept is higher than Willingness to Pay in a product bundle in comparison with an individual purchase, the conclusion can be cautiously drawn that according to the descriptive statistics an interaction is formed between endowment effect and product bundling.Contribution of the thesis: The results of the study give us strong indications that product bundling can be used to increase consumers' perceived value of a product, which is knowledge that cannot least be applied by business economists and marketers.Suggestions for future research: We believe that it would be interesting to carry out studies where a large sample is looking for the interaction between endowment effect for the various techniques in product bundling to be able to present a result with statistical certainty more strongly. Key words: Product bundling, Endowment effect, Willingness to pay and Willingness to accept.

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