Financial Data Integration : A case study analyzing factors that impact the integration of financial data between systems

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen


Enterprise systems play a central role in the business processes and management of data

within an organization. However it is not uncommon for organizations to posses a multitude

of autonomous systems. This thesis examines the way organizations can integrate financial

data from different autonomous source systems and examines different factors that can have

an impact on data integration processes. The empirical findings were gathered through a case

study at Sandvik, a large Swedish industrial firm, making use of qualitative research

techniques. The findings contribute to create an in-depth understanding of financial data

integration processes. The empirical findings show how an organization can accomplish

financial data integration without tight coupling of autonomous systems. Moreover the

research contributes by describing various organization and technological factors that impact

data integration. The findings indicate that a decentralized organizational structure and

singular system architecture play an important role in financial data integration processes.

Hereby the research helps to further explore the topic integration within enterprise system

research and provides context behind the organizational and technological factors that

influence financial data integration processes.

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